Eye Candy…….and a lost post.


Last week I wrote a mammoth post……..somehow, half of it disappeared! So I removed it and thought I’d start again.

Here, finally, are some photos of our finished bus and the community where we live.

This is how our bus looks most of the time. Actually, usually there is more of a floordrobe!! We’re still learning to keep our clothes flock under control. This photo is from the front of the bus looking back.

These are our baskets filled to the brim with lots of goodies ie. pantry stuff, games, papers, art & craft supplies, workbooks, main lesson books and every now and then a little, furry rat!!  We realised soon after moving onto the bus….and in the months to follow….that we will be refining our organisation and storage options on the bus, continuously. It seems there’s a lot to learn about living and storing things on a bus.

I would like to insert a picture of our beautiful kitchen here….unfortunately I haven’t taken any finished pics!

This is Butterfly’s bed and play nook. I had such grand plans for these nooks, but realise I am not the super crafty, organised mama I dreamt I would be, so now they mostly contain books and ‘stuff’ piled up under them.

My favourite ‘room’ in the bus, our bed nook. I simply adore walking down the bus, the wooden floorboards beneath my feet and plonking onto my soft bed, delicious quilt & fluffy pillows. The curtains were all made by me, one from an old tablecloth of my grandmother’s which I hand dyed and stitched up……oh hang on, does that make me super crafty??! The silk flags were from our friends wedding many moons ago….and have since been at many a wedding and festival, decorating marquees. The white ‘fences’ on our bookshelves came from a salvage yard in Sydney. Stuffed in behind them are the numerous books I hope to read….and am reading…..parenting, sustainability, natural housing, community life, gardening, spiritual…….

Where our bus is parked. On the community where we live. members are given a house site to build on. Where we are parked is the house site of one of the beautiful mamas who live here. She and her family are sharing their space with us while we are on our own membership journey. This is an old photo and now we have a HUGE tarp up that the bamboo frames.

 The view from our front door. Breathtaking. Sometimes I get up really early to see the first shard of sunlight that rises above the mountains that surround us. Just before the light invades the darkness a chorus of bird calls starts, it’s quite an amazing experience and a really beautiful way to start the morning.

One of the greatest joys of living on community is the children factor. There are many girls living at our community and my kids love to run with the pack. This is the road that leads us to the community amenities block where we head for bathing, toileting and clothes washing. I really enjoy walking up there barefoot, feeling the earth under me…….my favourite time to do this is in the cool, crisp, early morning, autumn air. Lush green surrounding me, soft but firm earth beneath me, blue skies above me, birds singing al around me.

Not quite the post I wrote the other day, but a peek into our life here. Next post will be about the ‘wellbeing’ aspect of our move 🙂

Many blessings on this beautiful day,

Lady Wildwood xo


Is this the dream…..really??


This is going to be an honest post. Obviously it’s been quite sometime since I updated and SOOOOOO much has happened in that time….too much to catch up on. Hmmmm….hang on, shouldn’t I be putting something up super positive first??! There’s been so many incredibly wonderful aspects about this move….shouldn’t I start with the birds chirping each morning, the majestic mountains on our doorstep, the wonderous waterfalls cascading down those mountain sides, the lovely people we live with, how much fun the kids are having, all the intricate life we see around us, the friendships we’ve made, the vibrant town we live in, the art workshops we’ve been able to go to ie. felted spring maidens and stencil street art, the delicious organic food we get straight from the farmers……….I guess I should start with those things 😉


There is another side to this ‘living the dream’ business though…….floods, mud, midgies, mozzies, squatting, fetching, boiling, walking, lugging, washing, cleaning, raining and lots of other words that end with ‘ing’. As I write, we’re having a little sabbatical at our friends place. Not far from us….with electricity, running water, fly screens, an oven and wait for it…..a toilet right here!! (Usually we walk, or drive, half a kilometre to the toilet). It is so lovely to be able to come here when we need a break from ‘the simple life’. Ahhhhh….the simple life…..is it really ‘simple’? There is always so much to do!! A friend recently told me about a conversation that she had with another friend who grew up on a community, living in a caravan. He was conveying to my friend how much effort and work his parents had to put in to this kind of simple life and how he had wished they had more time just to play and relax. They spent so much time working at living simply that they didn’t get any family time. I guess I feel like this at the moment. There’s always SO much to do and it takes SO much longer than when you’re in a house with indoor things…… mod cons are so under rated!! So, we are investing…actually, we’re being blessed…..with a few mod cons of our own…..fans, fly screens, an oven and solar panels. These things will actually make our ‘simple’ life much simpler. I have realised over the last few months that this city girl was definitely not brought up for this rugged, dreamy life……..but I am doing it! And mostly, I am loving it! It is bloody hard work and I have meltdowns fairly often…healthy right? We’ve all got to express our emotions.


So is this really ‘living the dream’? 90% yes and 10% no. I love our life and with a little tweaking we can definitely hit the 95% mark, but there will always be a part of me that dreams of a big house with a maid and personal chef 🙂


With much love, as always,

Lady Wildwood

(P.S. I promise some photos soon….this no internet thing is so inconvenient!)

Almost a month since I posted??!


You’ve all been waiting….wondering…hoping haven’t you. lol. It’s been too busy to blog!


Here I am, sitting at a library computer, enjoying my one hour of internet time and trying to cram everything I need to do into this one hour! We currently come to the library once a week and all get a computer for one hour. SO different from my hours and hours of internet browsing when we lived in a house…..I haven’t been on Pinterest for weeks!! I was really hoping to upload some photos today, but left my cord at home to connect phone to computer. So many pics to show you.


Well, where are we now? We made it! We’ve been at the community for almost four weeks and are settling in. Our beautiful bus makes a gorgeous home and we’re learning to live more simply. The whole food thing has been a bit of an issue for me….it was one of my biggest concerns….and we have ended up eating out way too often due to being disorganised ie. not soaking beans or lentils, not having what we need……no big supermarket nearby to race to. We are eating very well though. Lots of local, organic, seasonal produce….bananas by the bucket load!! We’ve found another community dweller who milks goats and cows so have been enjoying raw milk from their much loved animals. Meeting lots of wild and wonderful communtiy dwellers where we are and all up the valley. The valley where we are has 7 communitites in it. The area we live in has numerous communities…not sure exactly how many…but MANY!


We’ve been loving waking up to kookaburras laughing and birds calling just as the sun peeks over the mountain tops. Our closest toilet is 1/2 a kilometre away so I’ve been getting lots more exercise by just going to the toilet. The air is clean, the river water we drink, crystal. As Rainbird said yesterday, “I feel like something in me has come alive living up here”. It was like a part of us had died living in surburbia and now it’s been revived! Our journey to physical wellbeing seems to be leaping along and we have begun to dive to the depths of our spiritual journey together and individually. Swimming in the deep is beautiful, peaceful, humbling.


There is a down side to all this wonder…the loneliness of me. I love my family and I am loving having Rainbird around so much more….but… I adore my women folk and miss them so much. It’s been so long since I needed to make friends, that I’m not sure I know how to anymore. Everyone here is so connected within their circles. I feel like an outsider trying to break in. Everyone is incredibly friendly and open and I know it takes time….I know I’ll find my tribe soon. I am hoping for that special spark of friendship, someone I connect with right away, who wants to hang out lots together and whose kids love my kids and vice versa. Idealistic thinking maybe, but I know it’s possible….it’s happened before. In the meantime some of my besties keep me nurtured through the great technology of mobile phones. I think it’s time to invest in a mobile phone protector thingy….you know, the one that protects my brain from weird ray beams??!


So my hour’s almost up. I feel like I’ve just spewed a whole heap of words on this page and rambled a fair bit, but hopefully you get a bit of an idea about what’s going on. lol.


So much love and happy smiles,


Lady Wildwood

Rainbird can now drive trucks……and buses!!


One step closer to our destination. Today Rainbird got up before the sun and headed off to his Heavy Vehicle training and assessing day. We’d both eaten too many delicious jellybeans….our new addiction….last night and so had been up till the wee hours chatting about a life we used to live. I really felt for him as the alarm went off and he got ready in the cold darkness. I obviously couldn’t speak to him while he was learning to drive a truck and I admit, was a little nervous about the outcome of his testing day. However, all fears were relieved when I heard his happy voice at 3 o’clock telling me he’d passed!! I did a little joy dance and beamed from ear to ear. After this crazy license ride it was exactly the news I wanted to hear. So are we heading off right away??? No, a few minor things to do on the bus ie. macrame to hold the books in…I still haven’t finished the cushions…and the spice rack needs finishing too. We also have a few people we want to visit…my Neiny (welsh, for grandmother), a couple of my besties and one of Rainbird’s besties. It’s pretty exciting though!!!!!!!!!! We’re almost on the road….and I can’t wait to hit the amazing Channon markets in a couple of weeks.

Another bump in the road…..and our van on the road.


Today was meant to be ‘the’ day. The day that Rainbird came home with a sparkling new license that enabled him to officially drive our new home. As with many things along this journey something happened so it just didn’t go smoothly! After our original license drama…..Rainbird drove the bus with a friend to the testing place, the tester got in the bus and said he couldn’t come in it as we didn’t have a proper seatbelt for him….even though our bus fits all road regulations, it didn’t go with the road authority’s OH&S policy. We still had to pay and Rainbird couldn’t even do his test. So, we decided to book in to a training/assessing day course which costs a few hundred dollars. Blessings upon blessings we had two separate deposits of $400 in our account just a few days later…..feeling the love ❤ Back to today and Rainbird called me just a few hours after he left. He started the conversation with, “you’re not going to believe it”……to which my heart sank. I realised again that we had hit another bump in the road. It seems, even though Rainbird had checked with the road authority, that he doesn’t just have to get a Medium Rigid license, but an unrestricted Medium Rigid license…….the latter of which not many trainers and assessors do in Sydney. So we’re back to the drawing board. Tomorrow I have to ring around and see what can happen. We’re so keen to go, but all in perfect time.


On a very happy note….two beautiful people from the spiritual gathering we’re going to be a part of came to pick up our caravan today. So part of our little home has moved north! It will live out the front of their house for a few weeks until we get up there and settle in. Their taking of our van was such a load off. Rainbird was trying to fit in a trip north to drop of the van. We feel a huge siiiiiigh of relief and are so very thankful to such generous folks.


Off to bed now….lots of sewing to do tomorrow 🙂

Have a peaceful night

Lady Wildwood xo

Creative Bursts


As part of our whole lifestyle change I get one whole day a week dedicated to creating again! Yay! I really can’t wait. I love making clothes and delving into my textile artist side 🙂 Of course, my sewing day will have a few breastfeeding stops along the way as little Storm Boy still feeds to sleep for his naps. I am really excited. I generally become neglect-o-mum when I get caught up in sewing land so having Rainbird around to co-parent will be really lovely. I’ll even be leaving the house….ahem…I mean bus…..to ‘go to’ work somewhere else which will be quite novel. It’s been a looooong time since I ‘worked’ out of the home. You can check out some of my wares on etsy.





An abundance of blessings to you on this beautiful winter day,

Lady Wildwood